Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood Review

Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood

by David McComb |
Published on

A rootin’, tootin’, wild west shootin’ adventure that shirks the gritty WWII or shiny sci-fi posturing of most contemporary blasters, Bound In Blood is a breath of fresh air in a painfully clichéd genre.

Casting players as a pair of dusty cowpokes with different powers – one rough’n’tough, the other agile and handy with a lasso – this prequel to the original Call Of Juarez offers a huge variety of challenges as the twisted tale of greed, betrayal and redemption unfolds, bombarding players with tense, High Noon-style shootouts, horseback gunslinging and a variety of gentle platforming sequences that keep the action fresh and compelling.

But while the setting is tremendous fun – and the multiplayer mode and its wide variety of character classes add months of replay value once you nail the single-player game – the way players are funnelled down a linear path rather than having the freedom to properly explore the open plains and frontier towns will frustrate those more accustomed to GTA’s freeform gunplay, while the slow-moving heroes and antique weapons they’re packing feel creaky beside many of today’s more bombastic gun toters.

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