First Look At Karen Gillan’s Directorial Debut The Party's Just Beginning

Pick up a copy of the new issue of Empire magazine, (on sale now) and you’ll find an exclusive sneak peek at the intriguingly-titled new comedy drama The Party's Just Beginning (previously titled Tupperware Party), which marks the directorial debut of former Doctor Who companion and sometime Guardian of the Galaxy: Karen Gillan. Take a look below, and click to embiggen.

As she tells Empire in the new issue, the film is “sort of a comedy and a drama rolled into one” and falls somewhere between Trainwreck and Trainspotting. Despite all those train references, it’s not about locomotives. “It’s about a girl in her mid-twenties dealing with the suicide of her best friend,” Gillan explains. “It’s one year on and she’s having a hard time connecting with anyone. Everyone is very Scottish and unable to talk about their emotions, so everything’s bottled up and it comes out in other ways.”

The genesis of the film came via a statistic Gillan stumbled upon by chance. It revealed that suicide rates in the Highlands are significantly higher than the rest of Scotland. She wanted to explore the reasons for it: from the lack of sunlight to the sense of isolation experienced by its residents. “Growing up there, I had such an amazing experience,” she reflects, “so to read something like that, it’s like, ‘Why?’”

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