Underworld: Awakening Review

Image for Underworld: Awakening

Humans have been working to eradicate both vampires and the werewolf Lycans over the decade and a bit since Selene (Beckinsale) went into hybernation. Now she's back in black, and she has work to do.


The vampires vs werewolves franchise reboots in 3D, with series star Kate Beckinsale (who sat out Part 3) back in the tight black britches/corset ensemble, striding womanfully through dark streets, jumping off tall buildings and firing guns.

Vampire hit woman Selene wakes up after twelve years in baddie scientist Stephen Rea’s deep freeze, to find her longterm love interest missing (presumed held over for Underworld 5), though they now have a superpowered daughter everyone is after. Supernatural beings have been purged by fascist humans, though Charles Dance is a low-wattage Dracula substitute and the big bad is a silver-resistant Hulk-sized werewolf.

Trashy 3D in-your-faceness makes for some jumps, but the plot remains a muddle, Beckinsale’s plummy delivery can’t sell the thudding dialogue and the action/chase/horror scenes are busy rather than exciting.

Not a complete disaster, but also not the vampire / werewolf mash we've always wanted.