Sixteen Candles Review

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Sidelined fifteen year old Samantha can't believe it when her wrapped-up family forget her sweet sixteenth. But with insensitive grand-folk and a king-of-geeks admirer, that's just the cherry on the birthday cake.

In an affluent Illinois suburb Miss Ringwald is very sad because her entire family unbelievably has forgotten her Sweet Sixteen birthday in the chaos surrounding her airhead sister's wedding. Even more distressing, she is in lurve with a hunky Senior with a wonderful red car but she thinks he doesn't know she's alive, and she's lusted after by an unshakeable Freshman nerd with bands on his teeth.

This features a Wild Party at the Rich Kid's House with tunes from The Specials, The Revillos, Billy Idol, The Stray Cats and The Thompson Twins. Naturally the True Worth of Molly - er, Samantha - is recognised by family and Mr. Right before 90 minutes have elapsed. Hall is very funny as the energetic adolescent pest and a good supporting cast includes the Cusack sibings John and Joan.

Even if you aren't of the generation who can stomach this twinkly teen romp, there some very quotable one-liners to pilfer, including: 'No more yankie on my wankie. The Donger needs food.' What more do you want?