My Sister's Keeper Review

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A young girl sues for legal separation from her parents because they only conceived her so that she could prolong the life of her sick sister.


My Sister’s Keeper is a weepie-of-the-week TV movie with an upscale cast and low-grade ambitions that it somehow fails to fulfil. Abigail Breslin is the little miss sunshine who sues mommy Cameron Diaz and daddy Jason Patric so she won’t have to donate any more organs/bone marrow/bodily fluid to her leukaemic older sister. You might expect a rousing court battle, bitter sibling spats and thought-provoking debates… Instead, director Nick Cassavetes supplies an eternal bloody montage, intercut with Diaz acting mental and Breslin being smug and self-possessed. This clumsy, charmless movie doesn’t even work as emotional pornography.

It's quite an impressive feat to fail to move audiences with a premise like this but this manages it.