White House Down Trailer Online

And a new Tatum-centric poster

Old habits: they really do die hard, eh? Take Roland Emmerich, who stepped away from destroying countries in every film to make Anonymous, in which the only thing really detonated was William Shakespeare’s creative reputation. Now he’s back firmly in chaos central with the new action thriller White House Down. The trailer has arrived for your eyeball perusement below.

brightcove.createExperiences();White House Down is set, as the title suggests in the US capital, where on a seemingly normal day police officer John Cale (Channing Tatum) is escorting his daughter Emily (Joey King) on a tour of the titular building.

Unfortunately for the Cale family outing, that’s the day old tensions bubble to the surface and a man named Stenz (Jason Clarke) unleashes terror by blowing up chunks of the Capitol Building and the surrounding area. It turns out that that’s all a distraction for an invasion of the White House itself, where Secret Service agents (Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Woods) must protect the President (Jamie Foxx). And who should get caught up in it? Why, John Cale!

Talking of things that die hard, There’s a definite John McClane feeling to the footage, especially with Tatum as a regular guy cop dealing with extraordinary situations and, as with the new poster available courtesy of Moviefone below, wandering around in a grubby vest. Fingers crossed it lives up to that idea.

James Vanderbilt wrote the script and the cast also features Richard Jenkins, Jimmi Simpson, Lance Reddick and Rachelle Lefevre. White House Down is out on September 6 and you can see three earlier teaser posters right here.

Emmerich, meanwhile, seems confident that the Independence Day sequels will happen. Head here to see what he had to say...