Titanic 3D Trailer Sails Online

Iceberg! Right ahead! Again.

All right, this directorial tinkering about with films that are already hugely popular has got to stop. We’ve had Steven Spielberg making ET even more kiddie friendly. The Lion King roaring back in 3D, and don’t even get us started on George “doesn’t know the meaning of stop” Lucas and Star Wars. But now James Cameron is at it? Producing a newly recut version of Titanic in which the ship merely glances off the iceberg and sails right along without incident? Blasphemy! And also not true. Yes, Titanic is back. And yes, Cameron has once more pored over every shot in his careful fashion. But that was only so he could craft this new 3D version, the trailer for which is below.


Of course, you can’t actually see the 3D element in this trailer. And you can’t really appreciate the fine attention to detail that he and his crew have paid to every last shot so that the box office warhorse looks its best for the April re-release. But we got a look at 18 minutes of selected scenes last week and heard from the man himself about the effort that went into bringing Titanic back, so trust us when we say it’s shiny and deep. And we don’t just mean the chilly Atlantic Ocean.

But honestly: we can’t believe the trailer includes scenes of the ship sinking, at least not without a spoiler alert flashing first…

You can find out whether the heart really does go on and on when the film arrives back in cinemas on April 6. And good news for anyone who doesn't love 3D – it'll also be out in a sparkling new 2D version.