Three Exclusive New Alien: Covenant Images Revealed

Alien: Covenant graces the cover of Empire this month – and lurking within the pages of the world’s biggest movie magazine, there’s some planet-sized world exclusives on Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien-verse. As a little extraterrestrial aperitif, we’re happy to share a sneak preview of some of those never-before-seen images below. Take a look, and click each to embiggen.

(Worth noting that for those who want to go into the film blind, there are some minor spoilers ahead.)

The first image show a mysterious figure on the Engineer’s planet,, unleashing pods previously seen in Prometheus.

Our second image shows Michael Fassbender, returning in one of his dual roles as the android David (“My first question was, ‘Do I get paid double?’” Fassbender quips in the issue), in what appears to be a flashback with Weyland Industries CEO Peter Weyland.

Our third and final image shows the gruesome-looking “Neomorph”, chowing down on a hearty meal. The Neomorph was inspired by Scott’s fondness for nature documentaries on living nightmares, like goblin sharks. “Some of those nature videos are so stomach-churning that they don’t pay me enough to watch them,” shudders Covenant screenwriter John Logan. “But Ridley will see something to do with insects swarming, for example, which eventually finds its way into a movie. Usually there’s some sort of grotesqueness we find interesting.”

This is just a taste of our extensive eight-page coverage on Alien: Covenant – for the full insane story, be sure to pick up a copy of Empire, on sale in all good and malevolent newsagents now. Want to get your copy days before anyone else? Subscribe to Empire here.

Alien: Covenant, meanwhile, arrives in the UK on 12 May.