Sam Mendes Talks Gun Barrel Sequence

He wanted it at the beginning of Skyfall


Given that it's already grossed £50 million in just ten days at the UK box office, we're guessing that you've seen the new James Bond film, Skyfall. So you'll know that the film doesn't begin with the traditional gun barrel sequence, where Bond walks into the sights of a sniper, accompanied by the James Bond Theme, and shoots said sniper with his customary elan.

Instead, like Quantum Of Solace, the gun barrel sequence is reserved for the end of the film, a decision that has become one of the few contentious points about a film that's otherwise universally embraced.

Now Sam Mendes has spoken about the decision to do so, during an Apple Store Q&A with Empire's Chris Hewitt. Responding to a question from an audience member who raised the issue of the gun barrel sequence, Mendes replied, "I tried very hard to put the gun barrel at the beginning and my intention was always to do that. If you see the film, the film starts with Bond walking down a corridor towards camera and lifting a gun. And of course the gun barrel is him walking, stopping and lifting a gun. When I put the two together, it looked ridiculous!"

Mendes went on to explain that he is a fan of the gun barrel sequence, which still hasn't officially started a Daniel Craig Bond movie. "For me, I love the gunbarrel logo being at the beginning. It's almost the best bit. Everything is possible in that moment, it's like Christmas Eve. It was frustrating to be not able to make it work in that way."

To see and hear Mendes' answer in its entirety, as well as his thoughts on directing another Bond film (or Star Wars Episode VII!), press play on the video below. And for the whole Meet The Filmmaker interview, go here.