Paranormal Activity 2 Teaser Online

The hand that shocks the cradle?

The teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 is online, courtesy of Paramount, offering a first glimpse at the follow-up to last year's viral horror sensation.

[Warning: contains spoilers] The trailer picks up where Paranormal Activity left off, with a less-than-all-there Katie Featherstone appearing in front of the camera and us disappearing behind our cinema seats.

Not too much is known about the sequel - is that woman Katie? Who's baby is it? What happens to the dog? And is that an IKEA kitchen? - but the trailer does contain one or clues. Pay close attention to the mirror at the 1:12 (3:53:54 on screen) mark as things turn a little Poltergeist...

If the sequel is to get close to matching the $193m success of the original, it'll have to do so without Orin Peli behind the camera(s). Tod Williams directs from a script by Michael R. Perry.

Paranormal Activity 2 is out on October 22. Prepare those fingernails for biting.