More Oddness From Cloverfield

View the bizarre Slusho advert

With the psychadelic Speed Racer pics and now this new offering from the Cloverfield marketing campaign, we're starting to think we sprinkled acid on our cornflakes instead of sugar*.

In case you don't know, Slusho is a fake brand that is part of the universe for Cloverfield, the upcoming JJ Abrams produced monster movie. The Slushy type drink has been subtly used in the film's trailer, cropped up in episodes of Heroes and has its own website, here.

This new advert doesn't actually give us any new information or footage from Cloverfield, but it does have a giant space moose and makes us pretty happy, in a vaguely frightened way.

*Can you sprinkle acid? We don't know, we're pretty much drug-free, except for Lemsip. Luuuurve de Lemsip.