New About Time Trailer Arrives

Richard Curtis' time travel rom-com

Richard Curtis's latest collaboration with Working Title, About Time, poses the intriguing question: what if you could repeat particular moments in your own life, only do them a whole lot better second time? Well, the film's new international trailer gives a clue as to what kind of opportunities time travel bestows on Domhnall Gleeson's shy young lawyer. Sadly, there are limitations. As his dad points out, "You can't kill Hitler or shag Helen of Troy."

About Time focuses on Tim Lake (Gleeson), who discovers he has an unusual talent: he can travel in time. According to his dad (Nighy), it’s a genetic gift passed down through the men in his family that enables him to make right the things he goofed up at the first attempt. Like his clumsy seduction of Mary (Rachel McAdams), the shy object of his desires.

While the butterfly effect gets a mention, it's obviously safe to expect Curtis to mine the ramifications of all this for laughs rather than hardcore Ray Bradbury-esque musings. McAdams, of course, is an old hand at all this kind of sparky rom-com and it'll be good to see the fast up-and-coming Gleeson in a romantic lead.
A return to form for Curtis? Find out when About Time lands in UK cinemas on September 6.