New Prometheus Clip Online

See the ship itself land

It's been at least five minutes since our last look at Ridley Scott's new film, so here, right on cue, is another snippet from Prometheus. There's good news for spoiler-phobes: this doesn't give much away, beyond the fact that there's a spaceship called Prometheus and it lands on an alien world. Still, if you're trying to keep yourself truly pure, might want to avoid it anyway.

The other nice thing about this clip is that it's the first clip to show us Idris Elba in action as Janek at any length, and more Elba is always a good thing. It also gives us a tiny further flavour of the relationship between Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw and her other half, Logan Marshall Green's Charlie Holloway.

Prometheus is out on June 1, which is barely more than a couple of weeks away now. At last, the end is in sight! But will it be humanity's end? Hopefully not, but we'll have to wait and see.