Monsters University Gets A Teaser

Mike Wazowski gets his disco on...

We all know that story is king at Pixar. Well, judging by the new Monsters University teaser, they've struck gold again with the follow-up to their beloved 2001 monster mash. After all, who doesn't want to see a less-than-friendly Mike and Sully experience the highs and lows of college life on their way to fully-fledged monster status?

Good news then. There is not one, but four new teasers to get your teeth into, each with a slightly different Billy Crystal riff. Well, it has been 11 years...


College has been mined for comedy gold since before the days of Animal House and Porkies, but we cannot wait to see what Pixar come up with. Question is: where will John Ratzenberger pop up? Is there an exchange programme for (pre)Abominable Snowmen?

Director Mike Scanlon, himself a graduate from animated shorts and the Cars art department, has reassembled Crystal, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi for the long-awaited prequel.

Click on the links for the other Crystal improvs: "My homework ate my dog"; "My pony made the dance lessons"; and one more that isn't currently playing for us. Monsters University arrives Stateside on June 21, 2013.