Lost Planet Adaptation Might Be Costly

Like, $200 million costly

Lost Planet, the hit game from Capcom, is in development as a film, and their "Head of Character Contents Business" Toshihiro Tokumaru has revealed that the film's likely to cost $150-200 million.

The game's story is sort of Starship Troopers in the snow: players have to keep killing the alien Akrids to use their thermal energy to survive in the frozen climate of the planet EDN III. But there's an intricate plot as well, involving a mysterious corporation (NEVEC), a terraforming plan and the fate of main character Wayne Holden's father Gale.

Avi Arad is producing the proposed film version, and David X2 Hayter is writing the script. Let's hope that the mega-budget doesn't stop it getting made.