Keri Russell Joins Ford In Crowley

Drama alongside Brendan Fraser

Keri Russell, last seen being impossibly cute in Waitress*, has just agreed a deal to star opposite Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser in an untitled new drama for CBS Films.

Based on a true story about the Crowley family and their attempt to find a cure when two of their three children are diagnosed with Pompe, a disease so rare that at the time no company produced medicine to treat it.

Russell will play Aileen Crowley, who stays at home and tries to build a normal life for her kids while her husband, John (Fraser) joins forces with Ford’s unconventional scientist in a race against time to find a cure for Pompe, that actually involved starting his own pharmaceutical company.

Fraser and Ford joined the movie, which will be directed by Tom Vaughan, the Brit who directed Starter For 10 and, erm, What Happens In Vegas, when it was first announced. Filming starts on April 6.

  • Yes, we know she was last seen in Bedtime Stories, but we’re trying to forget.