Hammer Head Honcho On Horror

Simon Oakes on the future of the studio

The recently resurrected Hammer studios is enjoying exciting times. The Resident's out soon, and their Let The Right One In remake Let Me In out late October this year. Oh, and they're remaking The Woman In Black, starring none other than Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe.

So as you might expect we were more than a little but interested in grabbing the ear of the man behind the classic horror studio's recent revival, Simon Oakes, when he was in San Diego for Comic-Con.

We'll let the video do the talking, but expect titbits on not only The Woman In Black, but what to do with the extensive Hammer back catalogue, as well as working with Kick-Ass writer and Wossy's wifey Jane Goldman.

So Hammer is back, back back! What should they do next... and will Radcliffe pass muster on The Woman In Black? There's a lot of potential here, but it seems it all depends on the financial success on Let Me In. We'll wait and see with baited breath.

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