Faltermeyer To Score Couple Of Dicks?

Exclusive: Kevin Smith wants composer

Kevin Smith is in London to promote his new book, Shooting The Shit With Kevin Smith, and we had the good fortune to, well, shoot the shit with him just a short while ago. And amidst all the banter and chat about his career (coming soon to this website, once we transcribe the bloody thing), he dropped the news that he wants Harold Faltermeyer to compose the score for his forthcoming buddy cop movie, A Couple Of Dicks.

Faltermeyer, of course, is the German composer whose compellingly catchy synth compositions elevated the likes of Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun and Tango & Cash to an entirely new level of wondrous 80s cheese – perfect, then, for A Couple Of Dicks, in which Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan play two cops on the trail of a stolen baseball card. None more 80s...

“As I’m putting the flick together, I see it as a real throwback to the 80s buddy cop genre,” said Smith, who also edits his own movies. “So I’m putting some music on this scene, see if it works. I take this piece from Fletch, which I’ve always loved, and it works. Now I take this piece of music from Beverly Hills Cop, and it plays the comedy well. It plays the action well. And, after doing those temp cues, I said to a few people, ‘is it crazy to see if Harold Faltermeyer will want to score this movie?’”

That might have been a problem – Faltermeyer hasn’t scored a movie since 1994’s White Magic. But… “Warners said he’d recently come in and talked about getting back into the game,” laughed Smith. “And so Harold Faltermeyer is watching the movie next week!”

Now, of course, there’s no guarantee at this point that Faltermeyer will take the gig – “What I’m looking for is that old Harold Faltermeyer sound that I grew up on,” said Smith. “If he’s moved on from that sound, I’ll respect that. I’ll go get a Casio and fuck it up myself!” – but it sounds like the perfect marriage of composer and subject.

Fingers crossed that this happens, for the return of Faltermeyer to movie composing would be truly momentous. After all, how else can we hope to erase the spectre of that bastarding Crazy Frog song?