Exclusive: Micmacs UK Trailer

Jeunet's new bananas adventure

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the man behind Amelie and The City of the Lost Children, is bringing us a new slice of fried madness in Micmacs - and there's a new UK trailer online to give us a better taste of what flavour of barmy is in store.

Our hero is Bazil (French superstar Dany Boon) who is accidentally shot in the head and finds his whole life turned upside down. Homeless, he ends up being taken in by a group of eccentrics, and starts to plot with them to take down the source of all his woes: the weapons manufacturers responsible for the bullets that hit him and killed his father years before.

Micmacs is out here in the UK on February 26, but if you need to see it sooner, learn some French and hop on the Eurostar, because it's already out in its native land.

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