Exclusive First Look At Victor Frankenstein

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe's weird science

Victor Frankenstein is back and this time – unlike Mel Brooks' version – it’s not pronounced “Fronkensteen”. James McAvoy is donning the scientist’s garb in the new iteration of Mary Shelley’s Gothic tale and, alongside co-star Daniel Radcliffe’s Igor, he’s arrived to meet his public in two exclusive shots from the new issue of Empire. Click on the thumbnails for a closer look. Note the heavyweight leather jerkin and goggles adorning McAvoy’s not-entirely-good doctor. The monster he’s creating – the film’s big reveal – is akin to something terrible birthed from the Industrial Revolution, a steampunk messiah that may just destroy its own creator. Note, too, Radcliffe’s ramrod posture as he remains in character for this between-takes snap. Clearly Dr. Frankenstein’s unique brand of chiropractic is working on his hitherto hunchbacked factotum.

For the June issue of Empire - onsale on April 30 - the team's bravest soul, clutching flaming torch in one hand, Dictaphone in the other, headed down to the Longcross, Surrey set of the monster movie to get the scoop.

“As much as the monster is his creation, Igor is his creation as well,” explained McAvoy on set. “That was quite exciting. It’s funny, the script, but also really dark, in a cool way."

Overseeing all this is Paul ‘Gangster No.1' McGuigan, directing from a script by Chronicle's Max Landis. Alongside McAvoy and Radcliffe, Victor Frankenstein will boast the acting talents of Mark Gatiss, Jessica Brown Findlay and Andrew Scott when it hits our screens on October 2, 2015.