Eli Roth Joins Death Proof

Hostel director acting for Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino’s been busy making his Grindhouse entry, Death Proof, for nearly a month now. So it seems a little late to be announcing extra cast members.

But clearly this lot have been locked in negotiations, demanding plenty of cash to appear. Well, maybe not. Eli Roth is better known as the director of Hostel – and for being a friend of Tarantino - so he’s likely working for cheeseburgers.

The superbly named Omar Doom is a newcomer to acting, having been the singer/lead guitarist for the band Alister Doomington.
And finally there’s Michael Bacall, who has appeared in the likes of Undertow and CSI and is credited as busily adapting the comic Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life for Edgar Wright to direct.

Their characters aren’t specified, but we do know that Death Proof will feature Kurt Russell’s evil Stuntman Mike hunting down women in his car.