Buck Rogers In The 21st Century

Sci-fi icon to hit the big screen

It’s all very much in the rumour stages but we can’t help but get a little bit excited about the prospect of a big-screen adaptation of that most time travelling-est of astronauts, Buck Rogers.

Who he? You may be asking (and if you are, you’re making us feel old so thanks for that), Buck Rogers is the star of countless comic strips, radio shows, movie serials and a rather great 80s TV series. Created in 1928 by a fella called Philip Nowlan, Buck is a test pilot who falls into a coma, only to awaken in the 25th century and get involved in manner of alien encounters and outer space-related shenanigans.

Holding a special place in our hearts due to the regular appearance of a midget robot called Twiki who just said his name over and over again in a strangely endearing way and the laconically magnificent Gil Gerard in the title role (a sort of proto Nathan Fillion), the news that a movie adaptation is in the works can only be a good thing. Plus, when you factor in the possible directorial prowess of one Frank Miller, a guy who is proving to be rather adept at wielding the megaphone, and you’ve got us very interested indeed.

It’s early days, with no release date or indeed cast and crew announced yet (Miller is only rumoured to be attached) but who do you think would make for a good Buck Rogers? Naturally, we’re plumping for Fillion, if only to see our favourite Serenity star back in space once again.

Watch this space for all the latest developments.