License To Wed Review

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A priest (who doubles as a marriage counsellor) tests the strengths of one couple’s relationship with a series of gruelling tasks. So that’s Fear Factor meets Four Weddings then?


Why the otherwise credible American Office star John Krasinski said “I do” to this bridezilla of a movie lies in director Ken Kwapis’ day-job as director of the hit TV show.

Presumably Robin Williams signed on because he had a hefty electricity bill to pay, and Mandy Moore to pander to her teen base.

License To Wed’s plot is flimsier than a Hollywood marriage: Ben (Krasinski) wants to marry Sadie (Moore), but Reverend Frank (Williams) asks them to pass a marriage-prep course before he’ll wed them. A series of sociopathic tests follows leading to the senseless, inevitable conclusion.

RSVP “Cannot attend”.

If ever there was lawful impediment for a marriage to not go ahead, it's this mess of a movie.