Just Go With It Review

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With the help of his sidekick, a plastic surgeon (Sandler) hatches a scheme to reel in the ladies. His plan? Pretend to be an unhappily married husband. Should be easy, right?


Adam Sandler can be hard to like at the best of times, and casting himself as a rich, dishonest plastic surgeon doesn’t help. Having told new girlfriend Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) that he’s getting divorced, Sandler’s Danny must persuade assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pose as his wife, which culminates in a holiday with her complicit children. It’s a briefly amusing idea but unconvincing and littered with heavy-handed slapstick humour involving agonising European accents. Nicole Kidman’s appearance as Aniston’s nemesis is a double-edged sword: she’s the best thing in this by miles, but watching her and Aniston compete in a superfluous hula dancing contest is frankly degrading for everyone concerned. It’s interesting to note Sandler calls his fake kid “Bart”: The Simpsons could teach him a thing or two about both humour and heart.