Hop Review

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An Easter Bunny is injured and unable to hop after being hit by a car driven by Fred (Marsden). Fred, a bit of slacker, is forced to take over his job to save Easter.


Cute but chaotic animated animal meets live action slacker and impresses with his musical talent... If that sounds familiar, bear in mind this does come from the director of Alvin And The Chipmunks. Easter Bunny-in-training E.B. (voiced by Russell Brand) runs away from Easter Island to LA, where he meets and hangs onto the reluctant Fred (James Marsden). E.B. is a budding drummer so auditions for David Hasselhoff for Hoff Knows Talent (we kid you not). Meanwhile a chick is plotting to overthrow E.B.’s Dad, the Easter Bunny, back at base. It’s a dull, convoluted plot that strings together slapstick set pieces. Brand wrings what laughs he can out of a limited script and the colourful, creative animation work is terrific. Shame the same effort wasn’t put into the screenplay.

The bunny-gets-injured, slacker-saves-Easter plotline doesn't pack too much predictability but Brand does his best with the material and it's cute enough for kids.