Bad Teacher Review

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Foul-mouthed seventh grade teacher (Cameron Diaz) is dumped by her sugar daddy. To bounce back, she sets her sights instead on colleague Scott's (Timberlake) affections, but the school's model teacher takes exception to this - and conflict ensues.


It’s a surprise, in some ways, that it’s taken so long for a film to obviously trade on the success of Bad Santa. Right off the bat, it’s clear that Bad Teacher is no Bad Santa – it’s too broad for that, while the character stuff is not quite as developed as Terry Zwigoff’s classic – although it is very funny in parts. As a venal, greedy, vulgar teacher only in it to make enough money for a new pair of boobs (and who, pleasingly, doesn’t go through a complete 180-degree personality change), Cameron Diaz is fearless, even taking part in the year’s funniest sex scene... with her real-life ex, Justin Timberlake. It’s patchy and sometimes obsessed with quirk, but it’s good fun throughout, and Lucy Punch walks away with an A+ as the too-good-to-be-true villain of the piece. Can’t wait for Bad Gynecologist.

Broader than Bad Santa and less consistently funny, it's still gleefully rude, crude and often a lot of fun.