Quantum Leap: Season 5 Review

Image for Quantum Leap: Season 5

The moving and entertaining final series of the time-leaping adventure.


Sam Beckett’s still busy trying to put right what once went wrong as he jumps through the time-stream in his fifth season, with the series reaching new heights but also, sadly, its end. The appearance of an ‘evil leaper’, putting wrong what once went right, and Sam’s attempts to save not only her victims but also her soul, bring more emotional depth, but it’s the final episode that’s the kicker. Placing the entire series in a metaphysical context, giving it all meaning and purpose, and providing a heartbreaking conclusion (if not end) to Sam’s travels, it may be the finest series finale ever produced. Poignant, magical and steeped in down-home American values, it’s a fitting end to a show that proved that sci-fi can have a heart.