Miami Vice: Series 2 Review

Image for Miami Vice: Series 2

In time for the new feature version, the original crime-fighting cops in 80s blazers


BEFORE THE CINEMATIC outing gives this classic its Heat-style makeover, here’s a prime opportunity to get reacquainted with Crockett and Tubbs — and this season is the definitive Vice, where the pastel patrol really hit their stride. With sharper — and often funnier — scripts than the darker first season, the camera and editing styles (that would go on to influence MTV) are now cranked to the full.

There are guest stars aplenty, including the dubious acting talents of Phil Collins, Frankie Valli, Frank Zappa and, of course, Elvis (the alligator, for the uninitiated). Most notably we are served up some very familiar Mann-erisms from the show’s creator, and 20 years on this still holds up as a decent and influential cop show, even if the espadrille died years ago. As for the white Testarossa? You’ll just have to wait — that’s season three.