Doctor Who The Complete First Series Review

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And they said the Doctor couldn't pull off a leather jacket..


Satisfying those who have held out for this flash box-set package, the BBC has pulled out all the stops for this trawl through one of TV’s greatest ever re-inventions.

The 13 episodes on this five-disc set are familiar enough (they were previously issued as four separate vanilla discs), but the commentaries from cast and crew bring fresh perspective. Russell T. Davies is an excellent raconteur, and there are some fascinating insights to be had here.

Of course, there’s plenty to admire in this sensational season — though the humour can be a touch clumsy — and this is an almost faultless success story, with the three Dalek episodes and the Steven Moffatt two-parter set in wartime London proving the highlights. It would have taken a brave soul to confidently predict the phenomenal impact of this show’s revival, but the passion and energy of the production team have restored the renegade Time Lord to rude health.