Tom Cruise Faces A New Challenge In The Latest Trailer For The Mummy

Tom Cruise versus a terrifying supernatural threat? We'll take those odds and put our money firmly on The Cruiser. Still, it looks like he's in for no end of trouble in the new trailer for The Mummy.

With director Alex Kurtzman aiming to launch an entire connected monster movie universe, the pressure is on this first outing, so it's no wonder he reached for the big star gun (two, if you count Russell Crowe, who pops up as Dr. Jekyll, though given how much he has to explain, might as well be playing Basil Exposition).

Cruise here is Nick Morton, who, along with buddy Sgt. Vail (Jake Johnson), uses his military background to go hunting for relics. But their latest discovery will prove to be something quite different... And much more dangerous.

When the pair uncovers the tomb – or rather, prison – of Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), a princess whose destiny was snatched from her, and whose burning drive for revenge has led her to seize some very worrying powers, they unleash something truly powerful. With the help of World Heritage's Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis), Nick will have to stop Ahmanet wreaking havoc. And that's both helped and hampered by the fact that – as has been revealed in earlier trailers and spelled out here, but spoiler alert just in case – she's cursed him with some of her dark magic. Frankly, the ability to survive plane crashes and other lethal scrapes would probably come in handy for Cruise's stunt-happy movie life...

The Mummy will roar into UK cinemas on 9 June.