New Doctor Who Trailer Features Enemies Old And New

Aside from a quick visit at Christmas, the Doctor – in the shape of Peter Capaldi – has been away since 2015. He's nearly back, and the new trailer for the 10th series of the re-generated show is online.

For this last hurrah for the current Doctor, Capaldi is joined on his adventures by Matt Lucas' Nardole and new recruit Bill, played by Pearl Mackie. The new series sees plenty of returning creatures, including the Daleks and the Ice Warriors and even a chance for the original Mondas Cybermen to get a look-in with all their cloth-faced glory.

Expect some new villains too, plus the typical big plot arcs that have become de rigueur for Who in its modern incarnation.

The series returns to our screens on 15 April the first episode, The Pilot. There are 12 episodes in the new run, then Capaldi will depart the show next Christmas, along with current showrunner Steven Moffat.