John Travolta Joins Boat Racing Drama Speed Kills

John Travolta

As a man who enjoys the faster side of life, it seemingly makes sense for John Travolta to play someone with similar interests. He's on to star in boat racing drama Speed Kills.

Yes, though it sounds like it could be the Speed reboot nobody asked for (and given the watery setting, the Speed 2 reboot we're certain nobody would ever ask for), it's actually the true life tale of Don Aronow, a boat racing champion-turned-multimillionaire known for his wandering eye for the ladies and his creation of the Cigarette speedboat.

He made his fortune selling boats to world leaders, billionaires and pop stars, working with the US government and drug cartels. But his dodgy dealings proved to be his undoing, and he was murdered in his car in Miami under mysterious circumstances in 1987.

John Lussenhop is behind the camera for the drama, having written the script with David Aaron Cohen and consulting with Paul Castro, a writer who has ties to Aronow's family. Shooting will kick off on 30 May and take in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Miami Beach.

Travolta's had a run of true-life turns recently, including lawyer Robert Shapiro in American Crime Story and the title role in The Life And Death Of John Gotti.