Jared Leto Directing Police Thriller 77

Jared Leto

He's taken a.... shall we say... interesting method approach to several recent roles, but Jared Leto is looking to branch out. He's landed the director's job on new police thriller 77.

Paramount has been developing the film, which boasts a screenplay from L.A. Confidential novelist James Ellroy, with Narcos writer David Matthews working on more recent script drafts.

Set in a politically charged 1970s Los Angeles, the film will follow two police officers who partner up to track down and recover heiress Patty Hearst, who had been kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army. She ended up sympathising with her captors, and went on the run after six of them were shot in a gun battle with the LAPD. And while that is all going on, the central officers investigate the slaying of one of their colleagues, uncovering a web of corruption and conspiracy.

Law & Order uber-producer Dick Wolf is shepherding this one, which marks Leto's fictional film directorial debut, as he previously oversaw a documentary called Artifact. We're just wondering what his wrap gift to the crew will be...