Eriq La Salle Joins Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine 3

Eriq La Salle

The cast of the third – and if Hugh Jackman sticks to what he's been saying – finale Wolverine film with the Logan we've come to know is boosting its cast. ER veteran Eriq La Salle is aboard in a mystery role.

Almost all the roles in the new movie (which has James Mangold directing again, this time from a script by David James Kelly) are a mystery at this point as 20th Century Fox is in secure lockdown mode on what the story will actually be. Rumours have pegged a futuristic Old Man Logan inspiration and we know that Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant and Stephen Merchant (who posted an Instagram video of him getting his hair shaved off for his role shortly after word of his casting broke) are already in the ensemble. Grant will be a mad scientist, Holbrook the tough nut security chief of a big corporation who is Wolverine's main antagonist and Merchant... Well, he's still much more of a mysterious character. And then there's Patrick Stewart, returning to the role of the older Charles Xavier.

La Salle, who is still best known for his role on the long-running medical drama, has appeared in number of movies and TV shows since then, but has also carved out a successful career directing too. Wolverine 3, or whatever its final title turns out to be, will arrive here on March 2 next year.

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