Winston Churchill Needs A Miracle In The First Trailer For Darkest Hour

The first salvo has already been fired in the Battle Of The Cine-Churchills, as Churchill, starring Brian Cox, arrived in June. We'll have to wait until January to see Darkest Hour, which has Gary Oldman as the never-surrenderer, but to give you a taste, the first trailer for the film is now online.

Joe Wright directs Darkest Hour, which is set in 1940, when Churchill was in his first days as PM and well aware that he wasn't exactly the first choice for the establishment. With Britain under serious threat from Germany and the tide looking likely to turn further, he was under pressure to strike a deal with Hitler that would see Britain effectively become a Third Reich puppet state. Instead, he rails against the idea and proposes fighting tooth and nail...

Darkest Hour poster

Bolstering Oldman is a sterling cast that includes Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Mendelsohn, Lily James and Stephen Dillane. Darkest Hour will be in UK cinemas on 12 January, following an awards-qualifying run in the US starting 22 November this year.