Brian Cox Is Winston For The First Churchill Trailer

The first look at Brian Cox in costume and make-up as Winston Churchill arrived last year. We've had to wait a while to see how he moves and what he sounds like in the role, but here's the first trailer for Churchill.

Kicking off in June 1944, Churchill finds the Allied forces perched on the brink as a million soldiers are secretly assembled on the south coast of England, poised to invade Europe and wrest it from the grip of the Nazi war machine. But one other thing stands in their way: Winston Churchill, who fears repeating the fallout of his disastrous previous command on the beaches of Gallipoli in 1915.

Exhausted by years of conflict and plagued by doubt and depression, Churchill is a shadow of the heroic man who helped his country resist the Blitz. He'll need the support of his unflappable wife Clementine (Miranda Richardson) to find the strength to support the battle plan. Will he do it? Well, er, spoiler alert: history, though as ever with this sort of thing, it's the journey and the emotional underpinnings that are more important than the outcome we know.

With John Slattery, James Purefoy and Ella Purnell also in the cast, Churchill will fight them on the beaches from 2 June in the States and 16 June in the UK.