Yentl Review

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Hyper-intelligent Jewish girl Yentl chooses to study te Jewish Bible when no woman was allowed to do it. After she loses her father she heads for a male-only school for priests, disguised as a boy. Everything goes to plan until she falls in love with a fellow pupil.


The first Barbra Streisand movie overlooked by the Academy come Oscar time, this was A Barbra Film in every sense, with La Streisand doing just about everything but develop the film herself.

It's a musical version of Isaac Bashevis Singer's short story about an orthodox Jewish woman who passes herself off as a boy so she can study the Talmud. Despite her heavy involvement, this is no one-woman show, however, as Streisand gets able support from her stellar songwriting and lyricist team, ace cinematographer David Watkin and the warm and charming performances of both Patinkin and the always excellent Amy Irving.

Not to everyone's taste, but an earnest and hearfelt tale nonetheless.