The Other Woman Review

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Carly (Diaz) thinks she’s found the love of her life, until she meets the woman who found him first, his wife Kate (Mann). The two become unlikely friends and team up with yet another of his unsuspecting lovers to exact their collective vengeance.


Less a revenge comedy, more of a whinge comedy, The Other Woman has three ladies (Mann, Diaz, Upton) discovering one man (Waldau) is cheating on them all. Eventually they get round to destroying him, but only after too many scenes of brooding on what a sod he is and crying into wine. The rushed revenge portion is uninspired – booze spiked with laxatives, shampoo swapped with hair-remover, malicious paperwork – and it’s all edited without comic timing. A complete waste of the comedy skills of Diaz and Mann (Upton isn’t given anything to establish the existence or otherwise of comedy skills).

The idea has potential but the execution is shrill and flabby and Cassavetes can’t land a laugh.