Wilderness Review

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A group of irredeemably delinquent juveniles are sent to deserted island, where they discover more than just hardship and punishment, as a dedicated killler out for revenge ruthlessly hunts them down...


Deathwatch director Michael Bassett goes for more grounded horror territory in this follow-up about a terrorised group of young offenders. On a trip to a “deserted” island with warder Sean Pertwee, a mysterious opponent starts picking them off one by one. Given that archery and dogs are his principal weapons, this has some fairly inventive — not to mention grisly — deaths. But the main interest is in the characters’ struggle to co-operate to survive: not so easy when they’re mostly hot-headed sex offenders and murderers.

While Toby Kebbell is quietly charismatic as self-appointed leader Callum, some of the less experienced actors struggle. But with its brisk pace, bursts of humour and dark commentary on the institutional system, this is a very watchable, Dog Soldiers-style horror.

The Deathwatch director seems to have learnt something with this entertaining, albeit derivative, British horror which should please fans of the genre.