Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Review

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A successful talk show host leaves Los Angeles to reunite with his family in the Deep South


When successful, Springeresque TV talk show host R.J. reluctantly returns to his Georgia hometown for his parents' 50th anniversary, you can see why he's kept his distance. The bullied and beleagured one can do no right in the eyes of his contemptuous kin. And that's before he's torn between his demanding TV celeb fiancée and his childhood sweetheart. A host of luminaries like the Academy Award nominated trio of Jones, Margaret Avery and Michael Clarke Duncan lower themselves to a lewd, crude "family comedy" from Malcolm Lee (Spike's cousin) in which the Jenkins clan are clearly intended to be wacky and lovable but instantly emerge as in-your-face unbearable. So much so one is almost tempted to feel for Lawrence's hapless, henpecked, humiliated runt. But not quite.

Lewd, crude and very unfunny.