Welcome To Dongmakgol Review

Image for Welcome To Dongmakgol

Soldiers from both sides of the Korean war find themselves taken in by a sheltered mountain village which knows nothing of the conflict.


A disarming Korean film about the Korean War unexpectedly proves to be a warm, colourful, comic tale of charm and world-class cinematic beauty. In a remote mountain hamlet the poor but gracious villagers — unaware there’s a war on — separately take in an injured American pilot, two lost deserters from the South’s National Army and three Communists from the North’s People’s Army.

When they come face to face, the enemies engage in a Mexican stand-off the bemused villagers find highly entertaining. Gradually new bonds form as the war threatens the village. It’s a slight but terrific little anti-war parable with engaging performances from some of Korea’s top stars.

Engaging and beautiful cinema.