The Wedding Ringer Review

Image for The Wedding Ringer

A desperate groom-to-be (Gad) hires a professional best man (Hart) to attend his wedding.


The latest buddy vehicle in motor-mouthed comedian Kevin Hart’s rise to stardom, Jeremy Garelick’s directorial debut shamelessly pilfers plot points and character arcs from Hitch, Wedding Crashers, I Love You, Man and half a dozen Happy Madison joints as professional best man Jimmy (Hart) agrees to arrange for hapless dweeb Doug (Gad) a fake best friend and six other groomsmen in time for his marriage to shrewish fiancée Gretchen (Cuoco-Sweeting). It’s a ridiculous premise exploited poorly, settling instead for plenty of pithy acronyms, cursing grannies, mincing gays, falling fatties, groin-grabbing dogs, athlete cameos, and countless astonished reaction shots.

Die-hard fans of Kevin Hart’s manic screen persona may find this all amusing enough to recommend, but for the rest of us, it’s bromantic business as usual.