Wanderlust Review

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Stressed-out urbanites (Aniston and Rudd), tired of the grind of city life, pack up and head for the country to get some R&R. They wash up at Brigadoon, a hippie commune with a heavy emphasis on getting loose. Letting it all hang out, though, doesn't prove too easy for the pair.


Pairing up for the first time since 1998’s The Object Of My Affection, Rudd and Aniston are a natural fit as a stressed-out couple forced out of their Manhattan ‘micro-loft’ and into the free-loving arms of a hippy commune. While soap and hairbrushes are rare (despite Aniston’s relentlessly shiny tresses), pot and acid are bountiful – as are the hippie clichés. Luckily Kathryn Hahn takes one for the team, absorbing most of them herself as the righteous, vegetarian Earth Mother, allowing Justin Theroux’s horny leader Seth and novelist, winemaker and full-time nudist Wayne (Joe Lo Truglio) more room to ‘hang free’. The new-age gags get old quick, but director Wain (Role Models) and a competent cast keep the jokes coming – Rudd stealing the show with some excruciating dirty talk that would give The Hangover boys a run for their money.

Take an old idea, add a top notch comedy cast and some deliriously awkward moments, pop a spliff in its mouth and you're got this wayward but occasionally very funny alt.comedy.