A Walk To Remember Review

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Landon Carter is just too cool for school, while Jamie sings in the choir and wears dowdy clothes. But when they find themselves thrown together, Landon starts to see beyond the cardies, and Jamie discovers a softer side to the rebel.


The further you grow from adolescence, the harder it becomes to appreciate the appeal of teen romance movies. However, it would be fair to say that any appeal is extremely well hidden in this one, thanks to a dragging script and a host of cringe-worthy scenarios.

Get past both, and the performances are relatively strong. But when the characters are so horribly clichéd (overprotective father, beautiful girl in geek's clothing) or just plain unbelievable (lonely single mother who's never bitter, teenage boy who'll forego sex for meaningful conversation), you'd be forgiven for not noticing.

US pop "sensation" Moore is certainly a better actor than she is singer - be warned, she does warble an atrocious ballad halfway through proceedings - but the fact that she is the best thing in this sentimental slosh doesn't say much for the rest of it. Pretty In Pink it isn't. John Hughes can sleep easy, his teen-flick crown unchallenged.

For anyone under 13 and free from cynicism, maybe this film rocks. For anyone else, possibly not.