Vexille Review

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In the near-future, a female agent named Vexille is dispatched to Tokyo to investigate whether Japanese are developing potentially destructive robotic technology.


2004’s Appleseed blazed a trail in 3-D animation (shifting a gazillian DVDs in the process) and now the same creative team up the ante - not to mention the volume and sheer steroid dose - with Vexille. Set in a futuristic world where Japan has chosen isolationism over pesky global robotics treaties, the story lurches through a series of occasionally clichéd turns as America’s crack operatives blast their way into the rogue nation to explore notions of humanity and generally blow stuff up. Plot predictability aside, Vexille offers up flawless production design, an Oakenfold soundtrack to rack up the video-game vibe, and enough mayhem to placate even the most jaded fan: this is anime for the high-def generation.

Plot predictability aside, this is a real feast for the senses.