Urotsukidoji:Legend of the Overfiend Review

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When an evil monster is born inside the body of a small boy decides he is unhappy with his surroundings, he takes matters in to his own hands and creates something else by trying to merge three universes together. It's left to a group of children to stop him.


In tune with the wilder stretches of Clive Barker though also indebted to H.P. Lovecraft, this deals with a nerdy schoolboy who is the current incarnation of an all-powerful demon god and the sub-groups — demons, beast-people, humans — who feud around him. Almost numbingly astonishing, the visionary depictions of hellish entities combine the grosser elements of Marvel Comics with the bizarre excesses of Bosch.

The struggles of sundry entities in incomprehensible and prophesied battles are hard to follow, especially since narrative and character are submerged into a non-stop procession of ever-grander atrocity, but this is a must for strong-stomached horror fans.

In the days when Manga was yet to go fully mainstream, this wildly audacious concept about the fight between good and evil with a vast amount of sex involved, somehow managed to go unnoticed. You wonder how as the visuals manage to shock and disturb but at the same time are highly enjoyable.