Urban Legends Final Cut Review

Image for Urban Legends Final Cut

A group of college students discuss spooky urban legends little knowing that they will soon take part in one of their own.


Yet another Scream pretender concerns a group of film students vying for their college’s prestige award with a very dumb-looking clutch of movies. Heroine Amy’s is on modern myths of horror, the cue for a psycho to start dicing up young cineastes. Ottman (composer and editor on The Usual Suspects) makes his directorial debut with this lacklustre bid to fashion another franchise, though the only link to the mildly more entertaining Urban Legend (1998) is Loretta Devine’s return as a useless campus security guard.

Since the writers are products of USC’s film school, you’d think they’d realize the horror movie-within-a-horror movie concept has been done, ahem, to death. But no. Suspects are almost as numerous as the clichés, but when the killer is unmasked, you’ll say you knew it all along.

So predictable that it's completely shock free.