The Upside Of Anger Review

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Terry, a suburban housewife from Detroit with 4 daughters, is seemingly abandoned by her husband and the life of the family gets more and more complicated as life goes on...


This defiantly autumnal romcom is all about those folk who deal with crisis by enthusiastically falling to pieces. Joan Allen, all jolts and incessant jabbering, is the distraught mother of four wildcat daughters whose husband has done a bunk.

Unhelpfully her offspring choose to toss her increasingly fast curveballs that she can only fend off with a gin bottle. Happily, her nearest neighbour (a lively, rough-edged Kevin Costner) is a frazzled old baseball star who likes nothing more than to get blind-drunk before lunch. There’s rich humour in Terry’s cranky awakening into love, while collectors of Costner’s boozy, baseballing philosophers will rejoice at a new addition to the set.

Compelling and honest with flashes of dark humour which makes this a meaty comedy drama.