Twister Review

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A family must pull together, or at least spend some time together as a twister approaches and they hunker down. Harry Dean Stanton plays the soda-magnate father, Suzy Amis the layabout daughter and Lois Chiles the crazy evangelist.


This boring comedy-drama staggers along uncomically and undramatically as a rich and eccentric family sort out their problems during the aftermath of an under-seen tornado. Harry Dean Stanton is the eccentric millionaire patriarch, and the brood includes Crispin Glover in a girlie haircut and a Monkees outfit and up-and-comers Suzy Amis and Dylan McDermott. Lois Chiles pops in as a televangelist and Tim Robbins barges in for one scene — suggesting this was made some time ago and has only just now crawled into any kind of release — and the venerable William Burroughs guest-appears as a gun-happy farmer. There are various references to The Wizard Of Oz and You Can't Take It With You, but this is less Americana than crapola.

A collection of oddballs Kurt Vonnegut would be proud of, and an end product he most certainly would not. Tumbleweeds are more fun.