The Truth Game Review

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Six Friends gather together for a dinner party and discover they don’t know eachother as well as they though, as accustaions, lies and revelations abound.


Director Simon Rumley (Strong Language) has left himself too little room for manoeuvre in this wordy dinner party drama. Not a moment goes by without someone letting slip a half-truth or full-blown lie. But because the characters are so eminently resistible, it’s hard to feel anything but indifference towards even the revelations.

Every effort is made to tackle such worthwhile themes as fidelity, honesty, respect and the refusal to settle for second best. Moreover, there are moments when the vehemence of the exchanges smashes through the post-yuppie artifice. But, the cast’s discomfort with improvisation is damagingly evident, and they’re not helped by self-conscious camera movements. Rumley has potential in spades. But Mike Leigh shouldn’t feel too threatened just yet.